1x19 Cable American Made
1x19 Cable American Made

1x19 Cable American Made

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We offer a full line of snaring products in six diameters of steel cable and two diameters of stainless steel cable.  The cable sizes with our Thompson Snare size reference number are listed below along with recommendations for use to capture various species of animals.

Size:        Cable Diameter:               Target Animal:               
00         1/32 inch stainless         very small game and birds
0           1/16 inch                      mink, bobcat, small raccoon, rabbit, fox
1           5/64 inch                      bobcat, fox, lynx, coyote, large raccoon
2           3/32 inch                      beaver, otter, lynx coyote
3           7/64 inch                      cougar, medium bear, wolf, alligator
4           1/8  inch                       cougar, large black bear, wolf, crocodile
5           5/32 inch                      large black, grizzly & Kodiak bears
4SS        1/8  inch stainless         feral hogs, alligator