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Kaatz Bros 1-800 Predator Call Lure

A loud, skunky long-distance call lure for the predator trapper. Using a capful on a large backing enhances the entire location, which is the intended usage for a long-distance call lure. Even though 1-800 is loud and skunky, it can be used effectively right from the first day of trapping season. A great choice for the fisher trapper too.


Kaatz Bros Beaver Lure

A classic, castor-based lure that’s second to none year-round. Attractive to all furbearers.

Quick tip: When backfoot setting at castor mounds, set the trap pan back from the lure smear about the same distance as your fingertips to your elbow (12-18 inches) and offset a couple inches. Point the trap dog off to one side, so the approaching beaver steps that big hind foot between the closing jaws, as opposed to coming over the loose jaw, which may result in the foot spanning the jaw spread as the trap closes. Think of how you snap a trap with your boot spanning across the jaws, which can occur similarly with that big hind foot. Using a couple well-placed guide sticks will steer the beaver right where you want it too.


Kaatz Bros Bobcat Musk

A thick, syrupy blend of urine, musk, glands, and extras make Bobcat Musk a dynamite choice for the predator trapper. A heavy ‘catty’ smell that really shines later in the season, and it’s freeze-proof!


Kaatz Bros Coyote Musk

A thick, syrupy blend of urine, musk, glands, and extras make Coyote Musk a dynamite choice for the predator trapper. A heavy ‘dog’ smell that really shines later in the season, and it’s freeze-proof!


Kaatz Bros Evanesce Predator Curiosity Lure is a blend of mink glands, beaver castor, and enhancers makes this unique call a great choice for coyotes, fox, and our first choice for bobcats. This heavy paste gets a shoulder rub response from fox and coyotes, so it should be applied to a larger backing (football-sized or larger) or vertical posts at either flat sets or dirt holes. Especially effective at burnt firewood post sets. A must-have lure


Kaatz Bros Hickory Creek Raccoon Food Lure

A complex, sweet and sour raccoon food lure, Hickory Creek provides the water trapper with a go-to attractant. Use a capful at pockets for coon, mink, and rats, or use a couple capfuls on wool, cotton, or marshmallows in a dogproof trap, stake it on a coon track, and you’ll have a bandit in the morning. A highly-versatile food lure that isn’t plain old fish oil.


Kaatz Bros Karac Coyote Gland Lure

Karac is an aged, high quality coyote gland lure is the most valuable asset to the coyote trapper. Break out the Karac during the last few weeks of the season (here in Illinois mid-December to mid-January) when the adults are starting to get into breeding. During this final stretch, snow and frozen ground usually force a lot of big backing flat sets, which scream for a thumbnail sized smear of Karac. If your trapping season runs later, you’ll really smack a pile of coyotes into February and March with this great coyote gland lure. 


Kaatz Bros Land Lure

This lure single-handedly started the KBL company. As teenagers, Kyle and Kellen mixed fish oil and a unique blend of essential oils at the kitchen table before Mom came home from work! As a fish oil based lure, it possesses a sweet, pleasant aroma unlike any other lure. Great for early season fox, coyotes, bobcats, coon, and mink.


Kaatz Bros Land Lure SK

With a dose of skunk essence added, Land Lure SK smashes coyotes, fox, bobcats, and coon all-season especially at burnt post sets. You’ll be surprised with a couple capfuls of Land Lure SK at coon and mink pocket sets as well. One of our earliest creations on our now complete lure line. 


Kaatz Bros Mud Road Muskrat Lure

Mud Road starts as a muskrat gland lure, and has several other key super sweet enhancing ingredients to really make this lure shine year-round on the rat line. A must-have for spring rat floats, sets on huts, and at pocket sets when ditch trapping rats, mink, and coon.


Kaatz Bros Piledriver Mink Gland Lure

This heavy, loud mink gland lure is a real MVP of our lure line. It holds that pungent, minky pop, and shines on mink and otter, as well as late season coon. Piledriver also fits the bill all-season for the coyote, fox, and bobcat trapper as well.


Kaatz Bros Plum River Call Lure

Plum River is the ultimate in versatility. It’s sweet. It’s castor-based. Catch beaver and otter on it in the morning, mink and coon during the day, and coyotes, fox, and cats to finish out the day. If we only had one lure to use on all animals, it’d be Plum River. Fall and spring beaver. Pocket sets for mink, rats, and coon. Early season fox, coyotes, and cats at flat sets and dirtholes. This is as good as it gets.


Kaatz Bros Red Fox Musk

A thick, syrupy blend of urine, musk, glands, and extras make Red Fox Musk a dynamite choice for the predator trapper. A heavy ‘foxy’ smell that really shines later in the season, and it’s freeze-proof!


Kaatz Bros Red King Fox Gland Lure

A heavy, loud, aged red fox gland lure with additional, little-known enhancing odors that blast this one to another level. Dynamite on the fox trapline, and performs equally well on coyotes, coon, and bobcats. On the mixed predator trapline, use a lima bean sized glob smeared liberally at your set backing. Coyotes work Red King hard early season because it’s different and appeals to the curiosity. Later in the season, as breeding approaches, coyotes react even stronger to any gland lure, including Red King. Because of this versatility, Red King is a great choice from start to finish on the coyote trapline.


Kaatz Bros Spot Shot Bobcat Curiosity Lure

A complex bobcat call lure consisting of a blend of castor, catnip, and other cat calling ingredients that attracts bobcats from opening day to the close of season. Use a hefty lima bean sized smear at a big, messy dirthole, double or triple hole set, or big backing/vertical post flat set. Also attractive to coyotes, grays and reds, and coon.


Kaatz Bros Yazoo Bob Bobcat Gland Lure

Confidently attract bobcats wherever they’re found, at any type of set. A heavy bobcat gland lure, with a touch of catnip, and loaded with cat-appealing extras. Yazoo Bob will also take coyotes, fox, and late season coon.


Kaatz Bros Toxi-Dog Call Lure

Our most lethal, most versatile, all-around, flagship, first choice predator attractant. At flat sets, use a pea sized glob smeared onto a rock, wood chunk, or sheep wool. At dirt holes, it can be smeared similarly inside the hole. ToxiDog is red fox gland based with a healthy dose of skunk essence, and several other enhancers. It’s overall attraction to coyotes, fox, bobcats, coon, and badgers (and all the weasel family) make it a must-have for the predator trapper.