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Hawbaker's Lures
S. Stanley Hawbaker & Sons' Lures
When it comes to trapping bait and lures, Hawbaker trapping bait delivers some of the best performing products on the market. We carry a wide array of Stanley Hawbaker trapping supplies, all of which have stood the test of time, and are reliable, great performing lures. Hawkbaker’s lures are designed for all types of animals, and our selection includes lures for red or grey foxes, raccoons, wildcats, coyotes, and more. These make great standalone baits that can be used to attract your prey of choice. When combined with one of our traps, you’re sure to catch your prey in no time.

Badger - Hawbaker's Lures

 One of the best old school Badger lures on the market. 1oz.

Beaver - Hawbaker's Lures

This lure contains castors, oils and oils from food trees and plants. All carefully blended to make a lure that will fill your limits. 1oz.


Big 3 - Hawbaker's Lures

A lure that was developed for use in water trapping of Mink, Muskrat and Raccoon. Every bottle is crammed full of native and high priced imported musk, blended with other secretions that make this one of the finest lures available. 1oz.


Coyote and Wolf Gland 100 - Hawbaker's Lures

This natural all-season Coyote and Wolf lure is very well respected among western trappers. Very little urine, just enough good heavy base to make it long lasting. 1oz.


Coyote Food No. 10 - Hawbaker's Lures

A great alternative to 400, just that extra punch that sets it apart. 1oz.


Coyote Food No. 400 - Hawbaker's Lures

A Coyote will risk his hide to get to this food lure. Not a foul rotton odor but real Coyote food aged just right. Special ingredients not many know about. 1oz.


Coyote No. 500 - Hawbaker's Lures

Such a great lure it is tough to keep in stock. Buy early. Proven year after year. 1oz.


Coyote Special 200 - Hawbaker's Lures

Contains passion ingredients as famous as Fox 200. Creates sexual excitment all seasons, but especially good for fall and early winter. Will reach out a long way and call plenty of Coyotes. 1oz.


Fisher - Hawbaker's Lures

Very attractive to the Black Cats. Contains ingredients for cold climates. Nothing better. 1oz.


Fox and Coyote No. 4 - Hawbaker's Lures

This lure is especially effective on Red Fox and Coyote, but works with the entire canine family. This lure has many years of field testing and many more years of proof in the field. Don't forget it works well with Greys and Wolves.  1oz.


Grey Fox 100 - Hawbaker's Lures

Matrix lure - This is the real natural Grey Fox gland lure. The same as Red Fox gland lure except made from parts of Grey Fox. Good heavy lure that will last until washed away by rain.  1oz.


Grey Fox Food - Hawbaker's Lures

A real Grey Fox food lure. Made from juices and extracts of the Grey Foxes' food and blended with other ingredients that make it the best on the market.  1oz.


Long Distance Call 600 - Hawbaker's Lures

For Fox and Coyote. A lure that has gained a wonderful reputation in past years. Made for extra long distance calling. 1oz.


Marten - Hawbaker's Lures

Powerful and attractive, contains Marten musk, fish oil, beaver castor and several other key ingredients.  1oz.


Mink No. 1 - Hawbaker's Lures

Our experience in making lures and our closely guarded secret formulas are your best bet for a successful mink trapping season.  1oz.


Mink No. 2 - Hawbaker's Lures

A great lure to use on those seasoned, leery Mink. You should carry two lures on those long trap lines, and these make a great one-two punch.  1oz


Muskrat No. 1 - Hawbaker's Lures

This lure is carefully blended with oil catnip, oil sweet flag, oil carrot, Rat musk, Beaver castor and other ingredients that make it the best Muskrat lure ever offered to the public.  1oz. 


Muskrat No. 2 - Hawbaker's Lures

This lure contains a special ingredient that really calls Rats. If you want two Muskrat lures, you can't do better than ordering this as your "go to" lure in those special circumstances.  1oz.


Muskrat No. 5 - Hawbaker's Lures


Well suited for late winter and spring trapping but works all season. A lure especially recommended for the trapper who desires a lure crammed full of muskrat musk.  1oz.


Otter - Hawbaker's Lures

You need the very best available lure if you hope to succeed with Otter. Combines plenty of mink musk with other key ingredients to make it one of the very best.  1oz.


Raccoon Lure - Hawbaker's Lures

A powerful sweet scent that is very alluring to the Raccoon. No Coon will go by your set without investigating. Trappers use it successfully in every state.  1oz.


Red and Grey Fox 200 - Hawbaker's Lures

Attracts both Reds and Grey's to your set. Aged, but continues to improve with time. It creates sexual excitement, then nothing else matters. 1oz.


Red and Grey Fox 400 - Hawbaker's Lures

Contains juices from foods used in the Foxes' every day diet. Trappers report it is the best they have ever used. 1oz.


Red Fox Gland 100 - Hawbaker's Lures

A real matrix. Made from good clean glands. Many taken during mating season, as is the urine used in this lure. A thick, heavy gland lure that is properly aged and blended. A top seller for years. 1oz.



Red Reynard 700 - Hawbaker's Lures

Used very successfully by Fox trappers throughout the U.S. and Canada since it was placed on the market. Not a powerful calling lure, but very attractive to the Canine family. 1oz.


Skunk and Opossum - Hawbaker's Lures

Will increase your catch. You cannot miss with this skunk lure. It contains real skunk calling ingredients and has thousand of skunks to it's credit. Great for animal control trappers. 1oz.


Sure Catch Fox and Coyote - Hawbaker's Lures

A lure to fool "Ole sly foot." A completely different base that will not wash away or evaporate. Needs no shaking or stirring. Not a liquid. 1oz.


Water Set Fox 300 - Hawbaker's Lures

An old favorite for the trapper using water sets or any sets made close to streams, in meadows or low lands. Six different musk's are carefully blended with other ingredients to make this attractive smelling, different lure. 1oz.

Weasel - Hawbaker's Lures

Weasel are easily taken when you use this powerful far-calling lure. Made from natural weasel-calling ingredients. Nationally used. Used successfully by all northern state and Canadian trappers. 1oz.


Widow Maker 800 - Hawbaker's Lures

Works wonders on the male Fox, but the female can't resist either. Hawbaker's second best seller. Works on Red or Grey Fox and very attractive to Wildcat and Raccoon. 1oz.



Wildcat No.1 - Hawbaker's Lures

Made from Wildcat glands aged 4 years. Porcupines won't bother sets because there's no oil catnip. Has taken hundreds of Cats. Also calls Mountain Lions and Lynx. 1oz.


Wildcat No.2 - Hawbaker's Lures

Contains plenty of genuine oil and will call Cats further than any other lure. Use in connection with Wildcat No. 1 and you will take lots of Cats. 1oz.


Wiley Red 500 - Hawbaker's Lures


 The lure of lures. One of Hawbakers all time best sellers. Very unique ingredients used by no one else we know. Great all season lure that will produce results. 1oz.