Land of Fur and Gold,

by Raymond Thompson

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This autobiography of Raymond Thompson, founder of Thompson Snares tells of his life and experiences as a boy growing up seeing the wonders of nature and how he became the greatest snareman known.  Read of his hardships, endeavors and the strength to overcome the obstacles set before him and the rewards of success in doing so.  Raymond died in 1979 after enduring a long and extensive battle with Multiple Sclerosis.


Snares & Snaring,

by Raymond Thompson

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Written, edited and published by Raymond Thompson, this book details his experience and knowledge of snaring.  These seventy pages, with many illustrations, describe what equipment to use and how to use it.  Also includes information regarding habits of animals, sets to use adn how to set snares.  Read about the history of Thompson Snares and how steel wire came into use in the snaring industry.