Thompson Snares strives to provide top quality products and superior customer service to our customers. This is accomplished by focusing only on the snares that we manufacture; we are not a full line trap supply company.

We are proud to say that every item we have listed in this catalog and on our website are MADE IN THE USA! A great deal of effort is put in to finding and utilizing materials made in America for all of the products we offer. This means that you, our customers, receive the highest quality snares available at a competitive price.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have. If you do not see the exact size or composition you are looking for in our standard line, call us and we can discuss the option of a custom snare or cable restraint.

We feel it is important to share the knowledge and love of the outdoors with our kids. That’s why we say…

Take a kid trapping, hunting or fishing and share our heritage and our passion!

Thad & Nancy Davis – Owners
Maddie, Gus, Shelby & Garrett - Future Executives
        Our family welcomes another future trapper!
        Garrett Alton joined us in March of 2011